Shit Box

It Was a Dark and Stormy Night... part one

DR Williams

This six-part storyline is the first script I ever wrote for Shit Happens. It''s very noticeably the kind of script you write if you've never had to draw and put together a comic page before.
Although I''ve changed as little as possible - including preserving jokes I don''t think work very well in some cases, for posterity - there are bits where I had to pad the original script by adding panels to split up the wordier bits of dialogue. I didn''t add or remove any dialogue, and I even kept in some of the vastly out-of-character bits that occur later on. This is probably the best glimpse we''ll ever get at what could have been, if I''d stuck to the original idea of Shit Happens that was largely cribbed from Something Positive.

All writing DR Williams 2003-2014 unless otherwise noted. All artwork by DR Williams (except for the bits that aren't.)