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DR Williams

Despite what the strip might suggest, I actually do admire Coco Rocha -- or any model, for that matter -- who stands up for their beliefs. I don't just mean religious beliefs here; religion is far from being the wellspring of morality, so for any model to outline exactly what they will and won't do in the pages of their contract and stick by it is pretty admirable. This goes even moreso in the US, where the models lack a formalised union (in the UK, models can get coverage under Equity) so the penalties for enforcing a moral point might well be swift and harsh with little recourse.
The point is, no disrespect was intended in this strip towards models who try to stand up for their rights as human beings. The act of becoming a model does not immediately mean a person's body is a prop over which the stylists and photographers exercise free rein: a model is still a person and still has the right to dictate what is and is not off-limits.

However, I make no apologies if I offended anyone about Jesus. He was a total bro and I spoke no untruths. In certain translations of the New Testament, his final words on the cross were 'Father, why have you forsak... aw sweet, I can totally see down Mary Magdalene's shirt, brah.'

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