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The Miley-uminati

DR Williams

I made up Molly's conspiracy theory off the top of my head, but, really, it's not difficult to come up with an explanation of the Illuminati symbolism in absolutely ANYTHING you want. Pick a celebrity from the news and Google their name along with 'Illuminati' and you'll get a bunch of hits explaining why they're tied to shadowy secret societies.

In fact, because the thing that makes these conspiracy theories look the least credible is the massive overabundance of them, I'd have to say that were I an Illuminati, I'd be out there just straight-up outing fellow members of the organisation because the public would find it too ridiculous to believe and my fellow Illuminati would have a great chuckle about how ignorant the masses were even when the truth was plopped right in front of them.

Hell, I'd even make a webcomic about it.

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