Hom Box

Taylor Swift Boat Veterans For Truth

DR Williams

I feel a little bit terrible that I turned Lindsay Lohan into the punchline of this comic after passing up the low-hanging fruit of 'Taylor Swift is totally gonna write a break-up song about Harry Styles Ell-Oh-Ell'. I sort of justify it to myself by saying that, well, it's Molls articulating that viewpoint, and Molls is not supposed to be a nice person, but I also realise that's really hypocritical. Lindsay Lohan is not a bad person, she's just a person in need of some serious help and an entirely new support network, but I fear that it's not until we get around to watching her kill herself that we'll start to feel like maybe we shouldn't have been so nasty.
And yeah, I realise that acknowledging this fact and then STILL running with her as the punchline makes me a way, way, worse person than somebody who just makes a joke about her without really thinking about it, but there you are.

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