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How Not To Quote Nietzsche

DR Williams

You can read the Tavi Gevinson interview where she mentions Seventeen over at Racked. It's a pretty interesting read, especially considering the points she brings up about the Body Peace Treaty (namely, that Seventeen pretended they were addressing Julia Bluhm's petition when they actually just patted themselves on the back about what a great job they were already doing.)
My one fear from that interview is that actually making the accusation that Seventeen directly copied Rookie could cause Hearst to get a bug up their arse and start throwing around legal threats. Which would be a shame, because Hearst could basically stomp Rookie into the dust if they felt like they were a big enough threat, but in the end it probably wouldn't matter for Tavi because Anna Wintour's probably looking for an excuse to fire Amy Astley and hire Tavi to edit Teen Vogue for her at this point.

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